Still Zaney After all these years - video

Trade Show Hologram Rental
Performing on the Tonight show

Walter explains the 7 year journey to perform on the show... (more)

Hologram Projector for Trade Shows
The Story of the Ladder Levitation

The history of the illusion that made Walter famous.... (more)

Keynote Speech Hologram Presentation
Blaney Exhbit at Copperfield Museum

Walter attends the dedication of his exhibit at the museum... (more)

Holograms for Museums
Walters Run for Congress

Walter makes use of his congress run experience....(more)

Hologram Projector for Trade Show Booth
Walter Performs for NASA HEROES

Walters shows for the NASA Astronauts. ... (more)

Large Hologram for Trade Shows
Mac King Shares a Story about Walter

Mac tell of a special letter Walter sent him years ago... (more)

Giant Scale Holograms
The SAga of the Blaney Hoop

The complicated journey to create the miracle hoop... (more)

Virtual Presenter Hologram
Walter and David

The colaboration / friendship with David Copperfield... (more)

Trade Show Hologram Rental
The famous Banquet Act

Rare photos and clips from Walters famous banquet act... (more)

Where to rent a hologram for a trade show
Age 9 - First Show Experience

Walters first show didn't go as expected... (more)

Big holograms for trade shows
The famous David Hoy Interview.

The audio tape the circulated though the magic world....(more)

Giant Holograms for Telepresence, Stage or Keynote Speech
Walter remembers a special moment.

Walter shares a story of a special audience member... (more)

Hologram for Trade Show Booth
bumped from Ed Sullivan

After getting booked, Walter gets bumped...(more)

Best Hologram projector for trade shows
Walters "Double 6" Theory

Why there are good and bad audiences... (more)

Keynote speech Hologram Projection
Walters Trade Show Career

Video and commentary on Trade Show performances... (more)

Keynote speech Hologram Projection
The 4 stages of magic

Walters views on the 4 stages of a professsional career... (more)

Walter Blaneys Instant Texas Act
The Instant TExas Act

An original magic act that got Walter noticed... (more)