Still Zaney After all these years - video

Walter Blaney Tonight Show
Performing on the Tonight show

Walter explains the 7 year journey to perform on the show... (more)

The story of the ladder levitation
The Story of the ladder levitation

The history of the illusion that made Walter famous.... (more)

Walter Blaney and David Copperfield
Blaney exhibit at Copperfield Museum

Walter attends his exhibit dedication at the Copperfield Museum... (more)

Walter Blaneys Congress Run
Walter Runs for Congress

Walter runs for congress, loses but benefits from the experience... (more)

Walter Blaney performs for NASA
Walter performs for Nasa Heroes

Walter entertains Mercury and Apollo Astronauts by special request... (more)

Magician Mac King
Mac King shares a Walter Story

Mac tells of a special letter Walter sent him years earlier... (more)

Walter Blaney Miracle Hoop
The SAGA of the blaney hoop

The complicated journey to createthe miracle hoop... (more)

David Copperfield and Walter Blaney
Walter and David Copperfield

The magical friendship between Walter and David Copperfield.. (more)

Walter Blaney Banquet Act
The famous Banquet act

Rare photos and video clips from Walters famous banquet act... (more)

Walter Blaney at age 9
age 9 , First show experience

Walters first show at age 9 didn't exactly go as planned... (more)

David Hoy Interview Prank
The famous David Hoy Prank.

Walter falls for an elaborant prank during a radio interview... (more)

Walter Blaney
Walter remembers a special moment

Walter shares a story of a special audience member after a show... (more)

Walter Blaney
Bumped from the Ed Sullivan Show

Walter gets booked and them bumped from the Ed Sullivan Show... (more)

Walter Blaney Ed Sullivan
Walters "Double Six" Theory

Walter explains why there are good and bad audiences... (more)

Walter Blaney Trade Show Magic
Walters Trade Show Career

Video, photos and commentary from Walter on Trade Show performances... (more)

Walter Blaney
The 4 Stages of Magic

Walters views on the 4 stags of magic or any professional career... (more)

Walter Blaney instant Texas
The "Instant Texas" act

Walters original Texas themed act where everything gets bigger in Texas... (more)

Walter Blaney Last Performance
Final Ladder Levitation Performance

Walter peforms his ladder levitation for the last time at a Magic Collectors convention... (more)

Walter Blaney Jimmy Walker
Walter and Partner Jimmy Walker

The friendship that started in magic but lasted a lifetime... (more)

Walter Blaney on Dinah Shor Show
Dinah Shore Show appearance

Walter performs his classics including levitating Dinah Show... (more)

Walter Blaney on To Tell the Truth
Walter on " To Tell The Truth"

Will the real Walter Blaney please stand up and do some magic... (more)

Walter Blaney's Vanishing Bird Cage
Walters Unique Vanishing Bird Cage

Walters bird cage illusion was different that the others... (more)

Walter Blaney's Vanishing Bird Cage
Final Tv Appearance

Walter performs on the Statler Brothers Show (more)