STILL Zaney after all these years

Siegfried & Roy present the Silver Lion award to Walter Blaney
Silver Lion award

Siegfried & Roy present Walter Blaney with the Silver Lion Award.

Photos of an early Blaney Levitation Illusion Design
Early Levitation

Walter Blaney experiments with an earlier Levitation Illusion design.

Walter Blaney first magic tour
First Magic Tour

Walter Blaney and Jimmy Walker on their first magic tour.

Young Walter Blaney Performs magic
Young Magician

Walter Blaney as a young magician performing classics of magic.

George Bush and Walter Blaney
Walter and George

Walter Blaney and George Bush met in politics but remained lifelong friends.

Walter Blaney Lifetime Achievement Fellowship
Lifetime Achievement

The Academy of Magical Arts award Walter for Lifetime Achievement.

Walter Blaney pickpockets law enforcement
The pickpocket

Walter impresses law enforement by stealing their badges.

Walter Blaney and Jimmy Walker
Lifelong Friends

Walter and Jimmy Walker his first partner in Magic and life long friend.

Walter Blaney signing an autograph
Signing autographs

Walter proves popular at magic conventions.

Walter entertains a group with close up magic
Close up Magic Show

Walter entertains a group with a close up magic show.

Walter speaks at a magic convention
on stage Interview

Walter is interviewed at a magic convention.

Walter Blaneys Vanishing Birdcage
Vanishing Birdcage

Walters special presentation of the Vanishing Birdcage.

Walter Blaney exhibit at the David Copperfield Museum
Blaney Museum Exhibit

Walters props and illusions on display.

Walter Blaney and his wife Joyce
Promo PHoto

Walter and his wife Joyce pose in a publicity photo.

Walter Blaney and Harry Blackstone Sr
Harry Blackstone Sr

Walter and the man who inspired his magic

Walter Blaneys Vanishing Birdcage
Final Performance

Walter performs his ladder levitation for the last time.

Walter Blaney Original Props
Other Blaney Original Illusions

The Great Escape and an the Sawing in Half Illusion are two additional Blaney creations.

Blaney exhibit at the Copperfield Museum
Blaney exhibit dedicated at David Copperfield Museum

David Copperfield toast Walter Blaney at the dedication of the Walter Blaney Exhibit at his museum.