Still Zaney After All These Years


A Documentary Video Series on the Life of Magic Legend Walter Zaney Blaney.


This website is still under construction but you can view the current videos posted below.


The Walter Blaney Exhibit is dedicated at David Copperfields Museum in Las Vegas.

Walter tells the Story of his 7 year effort to perform on the Tonight Show

The Story of how David Copperfield and Walter first worked together. ( with an appearance by David Copperfield )

The David Hoy Story. Appearances by Steve Dacri, Lance Burton, Rick Thomas, Stan Allen, Jeff McBride and Peter Reveen.

A touching moment with an audience member after a show.

Walter discusses getting booked and then bumped from The Ed Sullivan show just before air.

Rare audio and photos showcase a look at Walters Banquet Show. Appearances by Stan Allen, David Copperfield and Lance Burton.

The 4 Stages of a Professional Magic Career

Walter's Double Six Theory on what makes a good audience.

Walter Runs for Congress in 1968

The Saga of the Zaney Blaney Miracle Hoop

Walters Trade Show Magic wows the crowd

Walter performs for his NASA Heroes

Mac King tells a story about Walter

The Story of the Blaney Ladder Levitation

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